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    Dry Cleaning Machines

    Dry Cleaning Machine with Radient Dryer for Odorless Fabric

    MTO Dry cleaning Machine with Dryer
    • The automatic computer intelligent control, LCD screen displays at a glance, easy to operate
    • Manufactured and designed by high technology; automatic control through computer, have the following features-: of saving power and time, reliable in washing, can be used for wide range of fabrics, recovery can be done automatically with frequency control.Totally economic solution for Dry Cleaning.
    • Equipped with main computer panel and manual control panel.
    • Equipped with frequency conversion motor, which can save power.
    • Equipped with circulation filtering devices, which can keep the solvent clean during washing to get the better result.
    • Equipped with carbon-absorbing motor, which can save power.
    • Equipped with many carbon filters, which can make filter faster and more efficient.
    • Equipped with trap under the machine, which ensure no leakage and protect environment.
    • Equipped with centrifugal filter, which makes drying speed faster and less consuming solvent.
    • The washing result is satisfied, non-damaged, clean, non-shrinkage or non crease; fur coats will be soft and non-fading.
    • Cassette activated carbon filter, oil purifier, to test the De-acidification, sterilization;
    • The high-end fabrics and leather, hair-like clothes washed without damaging the fibers, not to hurt the cortex, soft, indented, not wrinkle.

    Perc-Dry Cleaning Machine

    Perc-Dry Cleaning Machine
    • 98% Recovery Rate
    • Save Energy
    • It is equipped with refrigeration units which could efficiently cool and recover the system, effectively control the emissions and residual of carbon dichloride.
    • It is equipped with environmentally-friendly exhaust adsorption unit, exhaust goes through and activated carbon device, provide effective protection to the working environment and the operator?s health.
    • It is with advantage of quick drying, time-saving. Energy-saving and low-loss of carbon dichloride, the main components such as roller cage, trap, distillation box, and liquid-water separator all are made from high-quality stainless, with safe performance and strong durability.
    • It is with door of large diameter for conveniently taking clothes out of it.
    • Computer controller with full display, man-machine conversation makes easy to understand and learn, and optional manual or automatic operation.


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