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    WGM, since 1994, has been focused on bringing innovative concepts and better technology to foster the growth of Indian apparel industry. WGM has been awarded the ISO 9001 : 2000 certification by Joint Accreditation system of Australia & New Zealand.

    WGM's endeavor is to provide apparel automation with world's most advanced technology, yet specific to Indian needs at affordable prices.

    WGM is the sole selling agent of:

    Audaces, Brazil (ISO Certified) :

    Audaces develops CAD CAM technologies that automate the productive processes of clothing companies since 1992. From designing, pattern making, grading, marker making, plotting to cutting, all software are designed to provide agility, precision and savings in time and raw materials for your company. Audaces Digiflash is a revolutionary digitization technology that has won many awards internationally for precision and time savings, since it is possible to digitize a set of patterns all at once, with a single click of camera with milli metric precision.

    Aura, India (ISO Certified) :

    Since more than a decade, Aura Garmax Pvt Ltd is manufacturing smart technology fusing machines, vacuum tables, steam generators, top jets and form finishers thread sucking and auto cleaning machines. The new additions are fabric inspection machine, innovative shirt folding tables, washing machines, dryers and hydro extractors. The machines are brilliant in technology, ergonomically designed, having advanced safety features and very suitable for Indian working conditions. While the technology is at par with the European and Japanese machines, the prices are almost half of the former.

    Kaigu, China (ISO Certified) :

    Shanghai Garment (Group) Machinery Co. Ltd., a national enterprise, is a fixed production unit appointed by the National Machinery Committee, Led by Shanghai Liming Clothing Machinery Works, it was registered on August 8th, 1995 and is affiliated with china Textile Federation Shanghai Garment (Group)Ltd.

    It boasts of "KAIGU" "BESTFRIEND", two well-known brands in the world of clothing machinery. Its products include series cutting machines, series fusing presses, series ironing presses, series cloth-inspecting machines, series needle-inspecting machines, shoe & cap machines and clothing machines, etc. Both "KAIGU" and "BESTFRIEND" clothing machines enjoy a manufacturing history of more than 30 years.

    Malkan, Turkey (ISO Certified) :

    With the principle of high quality and competitive prices Malkan has become the leader in home Market, and a well -known name in world market with its exports to 53 countries

    Founded in 1971, Malkan provides specialized Industrial Garment Machines for jackets, denims & trousers (Intermediate & Final pressing).

    Kumsung, Korea :

    Since 1976, Kumsung Company is specialized in steam pressing systems. Since last one and a half decade, we have sold Kumsung machines to all the leading garment exporters and manufacturers in India.


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