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    Form Finishers/ Body Formers for Jackets & Shirts

    Aura Body Formers can fully meet the most discerning requirements for finishing jackets, coats and dresses in the laundry dry-cleaning and garments industries. Recently upgraded in both design and technical features, the Aura range of garment formers available in the following models:

    • AG 94 with connection to external steam supplies and silenced operation utilizing steam operated valves.
    • AG 94 IB with a 20 Liters built in boiler and silenced operation using steam operated valves.
    • Both the machines are programmed by three timers: Steam, Hot air and Cold air. The combination of three cycles makes the garment press perfectly.
    • The machines are constructed from stainless steel (INOX AISI 304); special powder coating on the body enables long rust free life.
    • The AG 94 IB with inbuilt boiler is an energy saving garment former. The steam condensate can return to the steam generator for lower steam consumption and does not require a steam trap.
    • Available extras: Steam Iron assembly, Steam Gun, water spray gun, alternative dummies which are interchangeable with the standard utility dummy which is supplied with the basic unit.
    Technical Specifications
    MG-397Technical Specifications

    # Also available in double steam battery for leather/ denim garment.
    # Ultra premium model has pneumatic clamps for front and back
    # Air adjustment from level 9 to 100 steam control system


    Rotor Cabinet

    The ultimate solution in form finishing, the Pony Cosmos revolving finishing cabinet is a flexible system that can be used as a double form finisher, pants topper/jacket finisher or mini tunnel. The Cosmos system provides a highproduction, deskilled operation for retail stores & distribution centers, hotels, uniform rental services, apparel manufacturers and drycleaners.


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