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    Apparel CAD CAM Technology


    Stand outs in the CAD /CAM technology sector and used by small, medium and large companies throughout the world, Audaces solutions are leaders in Latin America. Since 1992, the company has excelled in the fashion technology sector with innovative solutions focused on providing agility and flexibility to creative and productive processes, bringing automation and security to apparel production.

    Its incessant search for the development of competence and the professionalization of the sector results in the constant updating of its excellent products. From the creation stage to the cutting of patterns, Audaces solutions optimize time and resources in all the processes of apparel manufacturing, connecting and communicating between the various steps.

    A pioneer in personalized service, Audaces and its distributors, found in more than 25 countries around the world, offer clients maximum satisfaction with innovative and efficient high technology solutions that are easy to use. Audaces’ production process has been awarded the ISO 9001:2000 certification by the British Standards Institution.

    Each day, Audaces solutions are modernizing apparel production in America, Africa, Europe and Asia, offering profitability in the first months of use and surprising even the most demanding markets.

    Audaces Digiflash

    Audaces DigiflashFeatures

    • Patterns secured by magnets on the board.
    • Compatible with several brands of digital cameras with at least 7MP of picture resolution.
    • Includes a set of magnets developed to help the detection of internal elements.
    • Enables you to refine contours, grade patterns determine garment properties.
    • Automatic digitization ensures ease of use.
    • Patterns are secured by magnets on the board.

    Audaces Apparel Marker Making

    Audaces Apparel Marker Making, Fashion Designing SoftwareFeatures

    • Grading on height.
    • Allows for the creation and modification of notches with text.
    • Inserts multiple notches (internal or outline), closes darts and adjusts grading.
    • Transforms a pattern element in a symmetry line,determining the unfolding of the pattern when placed on the marker.
    • Grades tangent, allowing the pattern (all sizes or selected sizes) to be graded on tangent or on line continuity.
    • Offers control points, notches and auxiliary lines that can be moved with a click.
    • Grades notches and internal lines.

    Audaces Apparel Marker Expert

    Audaces Apparel Marker Making, Fashion Designing SoftwareFeatures

    • Allows for configuration of safety margin between patterns.
    • Determines rotation, symmetry, and fold restrictions.
    • Adjusts pieces for shrinkable fabrics.
    • Displays all marker information, such as yield, width, length and number of placed pieces without having to open the file.
    • Creates traces with precision and guarantees a high quality standard, from creation to end product.
    • Automatically calculates the cutting matrix.
    • Compatible with market’s main automatic cutting machines and with plotters of different makers and sizes.

    Audaces Apparel Marker Expert

    Audaces Apparel Marker Making, Fashion Designing SoftwareFeatures

    • This product brings together all the functionalities of Audaces
    • Configure the print speed and quality
    • Save time, raw material and money, avoiding errors in marker making
    • Allows the operator to manually place large patterns and then the small ones automatically, in the remaining spaces
    • Creates traces with precision and guarantees a high quality standard, from creation to end product.
    • Audaces Apparel Marker Queue;
    • It is also possible to program a list of markers to be calculated at intervals when the computer is not busy.
    • This is very useful during breaks or in the absence of the operator
    • Computer keeps working on markers

    Audaces Idea

    Audaces IDEAFeatures

    The new Audaces Idea is fashion software totally innovative and integrates all stages of creation in the making, facilitates the production, simplifies the work, avoiding waste and has a unique business social network for the sharing of real-time models. Development, adoption and production are much more effective with Audaces Idea

    Audaces Idea

    Those who know the importance of avoiding rework understand the value of a system that prioritizes saving time. Audaces 3D significantly reduces the amount of pilot parts construction. In other words, it is possible to possible to make several clothing simulations on virtual mannequins. This optimizes the use of time, making the work easier and reducing costs and material waste. This impressive technology is the same that does the integration with Audaces Apparel v11, allowing patterns to be sent and creating simulations simultaneously to check if the clothing fits perfectly. Simulation of stitching and rendering of the fabrics, prints, and embroidery.

    • Saves raw materials.
    • No Rework
    • Huge Time savings.
    • No Wasted materials
    • Integration with Audaces Apparel v14
    • Very Innovative

    Series Ink Jet Plotter

    Series Ink Jet PlotterFeatures

    • With the newest technology of HP Double Print Head; Compatible with all kind of formats
    • High speed printing 100 sq m/ hr; HP cartridges- low cost ink supply System
    • Automatic feeding system with grinding wheel

    Vertical Inkjet Cutting & Printing Plotter

    Vertical Inkjet Cutting & Printing PlotterFeatures

    • Including cutting and plotting function
    • The servo motor plus encoder ensure high precision and lower noise
    • Automatic queue and network printing; Compatible with all kind of CAD software and no need of outputting center system; Print line is clear, seamless docking; Parameter testing offline;Convenient and efficient

    Bluetooth Pen Plotter

    Bluetooth Pen Plotter, Fashion Designing SoftwareFeatures

    • Efficient and stable Bluetooth up to 100m distance.
    • Before printing, data is put in an automatic queue and be compatible with network print

    Flatbed Cutting Plotter with Automatic Puller

    Bluetooth Pen Plotter, Fashion Designing SoftwareFeatures

    • High precision cutting a wide range (60g -600g) windows driven print,
    • What do you see is what you play, double nozzle print fast and efficient
    • Maximum cutting surface web 900 600mm 1500 1200mm

    Automatic Spreading machine

    Bluetooth Pen Plotter, Fashion Designing SoftwareFeatures

    • The new curved design, paper perfect fit,
    • cut, perfect print results
    • The ink associated with the frame design, more humane
    • The independent dual-pressure structure of the paper to go round, more accurate
    • Mark playing cut samples in one machine, you can print pictures, text, white paper, kraft paper cutting perfect print

    H8 Cutting and printing Plotter with Doual Feeding Paper

    Bluetooth Pen Plotter, Fashion Designing SoftwareFeatures

      The automatic Audaces Linea Plaited is the ideal solution to optimize folding. Using modem electric and mechanical systems, the plaited gives great performance on all types of fabrics. Its touches screen provides easy interfacing between the operator and the machine, improving the workflow

    • Useful working width
    • Versions for up to 180 and 220 cm
    • The ink associated with the frame design, more humane
    • Maximum roll diameter: 70 cm
    • Maximum roll weight:
    • Version for up to 50 and 100kg
    • Odd folding height: 22cm
    • Zigzag folding height: 12cm
    • Maximum speed: 100m/min

    Automatic Fabric Laying Cutting Machine

    Bluetooth Pen Plotter, Fashion Designing SoftwareFeatures

    • The new Audaces Neocut A20 cutting machine is the future, intelligence, and intuition.
    • Agility, quality and safety have reached extremely high levels, and functional electronic makes a great difference. Markers have become more precise and compact. Time has become an ally, and increased profitability has become a consequence

    Audaces 360 is a complete solution for you to make more effect. Now the power of transforming Fashion is on your hands. Create incredible clothes with 4D technologies, develop patterns with high quality and precision, make automatic nesting's with a surprising efficiency and integrate with the Audaces equipments to achieve excellent results in your company.



    Unleash your imagination.



    Multiply your creativity and reduce costs with Audaces 360.



    Integration is the concept, efficiency is the objective and productivity is the result. The integration of Audaces 360 with the equipments from Audaces brings results that allow the analysis and the decision making to optimize and to plan your production.



    From inspiration to the success of your brand, this is Audaces 360. The guarantee of an exquisite achievement that is offered by Audaces 360 can only be compared to the increase of productivity and efficiency that it creates. Your customer notices the quality of the result materialized in one piece. It is a value that distinguish your product.


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